The ultimate 3-day Fiordland itinerary

This three day Fiordland itinerary is your break from the real world – a trip into the wild where you’ll see fiords rise from the sea, ride a jet boat, go on a scenic flight and soak it all in with a relaxing massage in your indulgent quarters at the end of the day.

You’ve probably traveled far to visit the wonder that is Milford Sound. It’s every bit as spectacular as the pictures you’ve seen – maybe more.

But, look beyond. Fiordland, the home of Milford Sound, offers much more. It is a region that combines an unforgettable mix of remote wilderness and natural beauty with thrilling adventures and total relaxation.

This Fiordland itinerary keeps you here longer than the common day visit to Milford Sound. You’ll discover a world of glowworms just below the earth’s surface, get up close to endangered birdlife, take in vistas from your helicopter ride, jet boat in the wilderness and get a taste of why we’re the walking capital of the world. Whew! You deserve the indulgence you’ll be offered at the end of every of every day at your board.

Day 1 of your Fiordland Itinerary: Milford Sound

Today you’ll enjoy one of the world’s most scenic drives – The Milford Road. Several coach & cruise options are available from Te Anau. Since someone else will be doing the driving, you get to enjoy the scenery and benefit from hearing local stories from the knowledgeable drivers.

Crossing beech forests, the Mirror Lakes (which offer an amazing reflection on a clear day) and the Homer Tunnel, you arrive at Milford Sound, an amazing 15km-long fiord dominated by Mitre Peak. A cruise on Milford Sound gets you up close to spectacular waterfalls and wildlife. The underwater observatory is an option with most cruises and highly recommended.

Return to Te Anau and soak in mountain views and the serenity from a private spa pool (hot tub) in your Whakata chalet.

Fiordland itinerary

Take flight above Milford Sound and enjoy a birds eye view

Day 2 of your Fiordland Itinerary: A Fiordland adventure

Next on this Fiordland itinerary is an adventure into the heart of one of the wildest, yet, most serene places on the planet.

You will be picked up from Whakata by your hosts from Te Anau Helicopter Service. Like us the guides love spinning yarns and tell you stories of the land we all love to call home – boasting comes easy to us lot!

Fiordland itinerary

Go trout fishing with awe inspiring views

There’s an exhilarating round of trout fishing to begin the adventure, followed by jet boating Waiau River at the edge of the Fiordland National Park. Then you take to the skies on a helicopter to kind of understand what’s so special about our corner of the world. Sufficiently impressed with the views from a height, you’ll be taken amidst them by Trips & Tramps with a downhill nature walk on Kepler Track – one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks. The tour ends with a water taxi ride with Fiordland Water Taxi across Lake Te Anau.

Fiordland itinerary

Go for a walk on the famous Kepler Track with local guides

There are relaxing massages on offer at Whakata – well and truly deserved after your adventure-filled day. Follow it up with another soak in the hot tub on the deck.

Day 3 of your Fiordland Itinerary: Exploring Te Anau

Begin your day by exploring the mysterious underground world of rushing water and silent darkness beneath the shimmer of hundreds of luminous glowworms with the Te Anau Glowworm Caves tour.

This two and half hour tour takes you to an underground world that is astonishingly beautiful – as spectacular as what you see above the ground in Fiordland. These young caves, only 12,000 years old, are still forming, showing you a natural wonder that is unique to New Zealand.

Back in Te Anau from your boat and cave tour, enjoy a meal at one of the many local cafes. After your meal, visit the lakefront Te Anau Bird Sanctuary to get up close to rare and endangered New Zealand birds like the takahe and kaka, along with many other birds kept in aviaries or found free-flying in the area.

There are many short walks around Te Anau. You could enjoy one of these – information and trail maps easily available from the Visitor Centre near the bird sanctuary – or head back to your accommodation to enjoy another serene evening in the wilderness.

Whakata in Fiordland offers a fantastic Fiordland itinerary that includes the Ultimate Fiordland Explorer package, a massage and three-night stay.