Whakatā Retreats

The ultimate Fiordland package for those wanting to take time out with yoga, mindfulness and massage. Our Whakatā Retreats are tailor-made for relaxation and wellness. Combining carefully selected wellness treatments surrounded by the beauty of Fiordland’s dramatic landscapes, our Whakatā Retreats are designed to treat the body, mind and spirit. Guests are refreshed, invigorated and return home full of energy.

Meet inspiring, like-minded people and take the time to invest in your own wellbeing with a Whakatā in Fiordland retreat.

Learn more about our Whakatā ethos here.

All retreats are highly personal and include four nights at Whakatā as well as our customized wellness treatments.

Tailor-made retreats for 2 people, customised to suit your needs, can be arranged on request at any time of the year – simply get in touch to find out more.

Retreats begin Summer 2018/2019. For more information, please contact us directly.


Yoga is a form of mindful movement that helps to connect the body with the mind. During your retreat, you’ll enjoy three yoga sessions lead by Kerri-Anne Edge Hill or Tammy Magness. Your practice will be gentle and tailored to your unique needs.


Focused on improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, Mindfulness is all about learning to live in the moment. By learning how to bring our attention to the now, we gain clarity and centeredness. As part of a Whakatā retreat you’ll enjoy three Mindfulness sessions with experienced local practitioner Tammy Magness.

Reiki Massage

Performed by Reiki master teacher and Whakatā Lodge owner Rachael Brown, this is a healing treatment that treats the person as a whole. Benefits include stress release and a feeling of deep relaxation. Whakatā retreats all include three Reiki Massage sessions from Rachael.

If you would learn more about our Whakatā Retreats, please get in touch.

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