Perrin Brown

Whakata Owner and keen Fiordland Outdoorsman

While Whakata is ‘officially’ the dream of Rachael, Perrin’s wife, he’s very much looking forward to connecting with guests and sharing his knowledge and passion for the great Fiordland outdoors.

Perrin was born and raised in Fiordland, his mother a nurse and his father a professional hunter. After growing up in Te Anau, he left New Zealand for Australia at 16 years old working varied jobs before training as a chef. However, it was the call of the wild that eventually brought him back to the mountains.

Perrin spent nearly the next 2 decades as a Professional Hunter with the occasional break travelling extensively in Australia, The South Pacific and Europe. His work took him into the depths of the Fiordland Wilderness as well as the length of the South Island and as far north as Opotiki in the North Island on various conservation projects.

There was also time spent as a commercial paua [abalone] diver as well as farm and construction work, eventually leading him to spending 5 years working in the oil and gas industry in Western Australia as well as an exciting project 800km off the coast of Darwin in the Timor sea.

Again the call of the mountains and now his young family has brought him home. Perrin is busy working as a builder – building Whakata Lodge with his own hands! He loves spending time with his family and going hunting, fishing, diving or mountain bike riding.